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"The Flow Goddess" Waist Bead

Moon Water + Honey

Made with Chrysocolla stone and gold plated Hematite beads, this was made with the intention of helping you move fluidly through all aspects of your life. The blue and green hues of Chrysocolla crystal lends the stone the energy of the planet and vitality. The soothing water like aspects also adds an infusion of calming energy into your life and inspires you to go where the current of life takes you.  It removes negativity from your energy field and the gives you more ability to lean into the ebbs and flows of life.

The ankh charm represents eternal life, also known as the "key of life".



  • three chrysocolla crystals
  • gold plated hematite beads
  • blue, turquoise and gold seed beads
  • gold plated ankh charm
  • crystal elastic string
  • gold plated hematite rectangle ends
  • gold plated lobster clasp and ring

Collections: Goddess Collection, Latest Drops

Category: crystal, waistbeads

Type: Waist Beads