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Fibonacci Spiral Evil Eye Goddess Ring

Moon Water + Honey

Adjustable wire-wrapped finger rings! Choose your choice of metal, made to order.

The evil eye's meaning stems from the concept that people who do well and achieve great success in some way attract envy from people around them. The look or glare given by the envious people manifests into a negative energy that brings misfortune to the receiver, who is usually unaware of the malicious gaze upon them. Most cultures believe that jealousy is the main source of the evil eye.  

Different cultures have many different ways of protecting against the evil eye energy, but wearing evil eye jewelry and amulets is one of the most common practices.

Amulets and talismans of the evil eye are also widely known as "evil eyes" themselves, even though they are used to protect against the curse.


These rings will not tarnish with daily wear, however, I do not recommend getting these rings wet often or using hand sanitizer on them as it could potentially lead to some rusting.

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