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Ethically Sourced Palo Santo Sticks

Moon Water + Honey

Premium, authentic Palo Santo from Peru. Each stick is about 4" inches long. This Palo Santo has been absolutely legally and ethically harvested. If needed, I can provide you with it's Forestal Guide and SERFOR permit from origin. When you purchase ethically sourced Palo Santo, you help stop illegal harvesting and the sale of this sacred natural incense.

Cleansing with the smoke of Palo Santo is a wonderful thing to do when moving into a new home, after an argument, after illness or just to revitalize your space. You can smudge your home, work place, car, yourself, loved ones, pets and you guessed it, all your Moon Water + Honey items.


(Comes in a pack of 3)


Category: Palo Santo

Type: Smudge Tools