Goddess Ambassadors

Meet The Goddesses


Tyana Barnett  


My name is Tyana. I am a multifaceted, multi-dimensional being who is deeply spiritual. I reside in Florida but I'm from a little bit of everywhere. I was raised a military brat born in Cali, raised there, Hawaii, Maryland and currently Florida. My interests consist of everything esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual. I feel that I've always been on this spiritual journey ever since I was a young child- it was something that was instilled in me. But as I reach my Saturn return I find myself coming into one of the deepest spiritual awakenings yet. I am a yoga teacher and forever student to the practice as well as a sound healer who uses her intuitive gifts to provide more than just a class but an experience.



Shanoon Occean


My name is Shanoon Occean, I was born and raised in Southwest Florida and a little over three years ago I shifted from a human being with very little direction, inspiration or idea of what my purpose was- to breaking out of the matrix and shattering the shackles of social conditioning, self judgement, anxiety and lack that held me prisoner to my mind. This happened through working with crystals as well as immersing myself in meditation, different spiritual teachings/practices and connecting deeply with nature. I now walk through this incarnation with the realization of the divine, transcendent, universal force that I am and aim to spread love, knowledge and awareness to those around me. I now look at everything in life as not just a great blessing but a teacher as well. I am an avid advocate for psychedelics and plant medicine as well as the creator and host of The Wolf Portal Podcast.



Corinthian Elizabeth


Corinthian Elizabeth Williams describes herself as a spiritual being here to take on the human experience and uplift the planet in the name of love. Passionate about serving our youth, Corinthian currently teaches middle school art where she also teaches mindfulness and encourage her students to heal themselves through artistic expression and meditation. Corinthian is actively fulfilling this mission using her gifts as an artist with music, poetry, writing and painting. Corinthian is an intuitive healer, author, life coach and teacher being clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient and clairsentient. She is a mother of three children that she consciously parents with her husband day in and day out. Corinthian is the owner of The Book of Corinthian LLC that serves to spread love through health, education, art and lifestyle encouraging you to heal. She is also the owner of Corinthian's Lighthouse LLC that serves as an online learning platform, metaphysical shop and hub for custom services such as life coaching, birth coaching, tarot reading and guided meditations. Creator of the The Book of Corinthian blog and Backpacks and Hairwraps podcast, she leads a holistic lifestyle, enjoys cooking, reading, learning, designing clothes and accessories and all things spiritual.


Tasia Monet



Hi my name is Tasia Monet. I am a massage therapist and entrepreneur. I'm in love with being in nature and taking hikes. My interests include doing what intuitively feels good for my soul, while fulfilling a purpose ordered by Spirit to help and serve with the gifts given to me in this life. In short-be well, be happy, be kind. Peace.




Tiana Lyons



My name is Tiana. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. We moved around a lot growing up but Arizona has been my home for the last 13 years. I strongly relate to most of  what is said about us Cancers. The last few years I have gotten to know myself on levels I didn't even know existed. Continuously unlocking new pieces to myself and I am so looking forward to all that is to come. At the same time learning to be present and maintain a healthy balance of self care, mothering and being a wife/partner. After spending years in my own head, I now feel a sense of freedom from the part of myself that had me stagnant for too long. I am a lover of all the simple things in life, although I am a deep, complex individual. I find peace in gratitude. Always giving thanks for life with all that I have experienced, good, bad and scary. Despite the fact being a mom at home, with three small ones always on my neck, can get overwhelming, I still enjoy helping my husband with our small businesses and learning new skills on the side to contribute with creating a secure foundation for our family. With this new excitement for life and energy I carry, I hope to inspire others to also look within, find the love that was birthed within us all naturally and live our most authentic life.



Natasha Cocco


My name is Natasha. Born and raised in the UK but with Italian blood. I have always searched out adventure and travel and lived in multiple European countries. I now find myself residing in Florida, USA. Funny how life takes us down roads we never expected as a child. So here I am, a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, an ice-skater and a creative at heart, always painting or photographing something or someone. Always trying to strive to be better, to learn more, to be multi talented. A lover of the earth and all that nature entails. Finding myself lost in nature is where I feel at my most natural state, which is how I’ve always been right from the beginning of my time. When I teach, I teach hidden lessons within the practice of yoga and meditation. I believe there is more to life than face value and we have to live deep and consciously, and simultaneously with our Mother Earth.




Somalin Sin


My name is Somalin but people call me Sommie. I am a young mother of 2 babies. I started my spiritual journey roughly in 2013 after I got over one of what I felt the most hardest phase of my life, depression. Til then I am constantly growing and experiencing. the magical depths of the purpose of life. My journey has also led to to embrace the mystical path of a Sufi Muslim reverted in January 2020 where it also opened up many gifts for myself always feeling inspired to write poetry mainly for love of a creator, the Beloved, channelling messages from the divine and being a psychic medium not for those on Earth but for those who need help crossing over to the great beyond, Jannah (Heaven) which is fairly new to the evolution of my spirit. And I am beyond  grateful for all that has been given to me. I also am working on starting my own ayurvedic hair and skin care line hand made with lots of love. 2019 Ive hosted my very first self love workshop, creating a safe and nourishing space where women come together and connect with each other through self love journeys and wish to host more in the future not only for women this time but for men also, humans, inshAllah (if God wills).




Giselle Bonilla


my name is Giselle Bonilla but I go by Gissi or Gigi. I identify as Afro-Latina my family is originally from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. My culture plays a huge role in my life, I grew up in a household where family, food, spirituality and nature is very important. My home is and will always be filled with plants, love, creativity and unity. I am currently a Mental Health Clinician with a more holistic practice and I am also Yoga/Trauma Informed Yoga certified. We are spiritual, intellectual, emotional, mental, physical, and sexual human beings and at times those parts can be in conflict with each other, within ourselves and maybe even with other human beings. I am a healer and I work with others in finding balance within their own parts to themselves and helping those individuals create a path to healing. I also founded a non profit with one of my sisters called Time Of Butterflies (TOB). TOB focuses on bringing awareness on abuse, and mental health while also focusing on healing through workshops. We are Divine beings living a human experience and we are capable of healing and the most healing happens with each other.




Vallerie Norgaisse


I go by V. I am a Haitian American, born in New York, raised in Florida. As a young girl, I have always been attracted to things that were deemed to be “evil”. I would feel guilty for my interest in things like astrology and yoga, but I always found myself coming back, eager to learn more about it. I went through a huge spiritual awakening when I was pregnant (thanks Pluto in the 5th) & I haven’t looked back since. I found that even though I felt different as a child, Im really not all that different. The dreams that I had could be considered evil if I said I had psychic abilities, but if I said I was a prophet people I knew would look at me in a more positive light. Speaking to Jesus that died and rose again is okay, but if I’m in contact with a family member that transitioned then I would be demonic. All in all, there are many similarities in many different religions or spiritual beliefs. I’m passionate about sharing the fact that all things that may seem “bad”, can actually bring a light to our world.




Shakena Bolu


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY but with a Guyanese heart. The most appreciated characteristic of mine is the ability to see the "silver lining" in any situation. One of my biggest achievements in life is having the strength to remain unapologetic in my evolution. I've learned, in part, that wisdom comes from stillness. Being mindful to acknowledge and accept that every experience serves a greater purpose is a priceless lesson to learn. In a world filled with contradictions, having the emotional intelligence to transmute fear into peace, wound into healing, and failure into victory will forever remain my biggest flex. 




Janae Beauliere


Hi! My name is Janae Tamise Beauliere. I am a 21 year old Haitian-American. Growing up I’ve always struggled with my identity. I spent most of my life constantly changing and shifting myself for other people but nothing ever felt right. In 2018 something clicked in me and i found a path that made sense , and what made it even better was it felt like me. My spiritual journey has forced me to grow in the most uncomfortable ways but i would never ask for it to have gone any other way. Im learning to honor myself, the world, and those who love me. I know my purpose and that is to help others. Im an aspiring life coach,therapist, and author. I know i have a lot more growing to do and I am truly grateful to have a community of goddesses here to help and guide me when i feel astray. I identify as an omnist and feel connected to everything around me. I love to bring awareness to mental health issues just because it’s something ive battled with since i was 8 years old and still continue to fight with till this day, im just way stronger now and deal with it in a better way. This life’s journey has not been easy and i have a lot more to experience but im learning from it and i will forever remain grateful. Peace.





Dani Peterson



Hi! My name is Dani and I am a multi-passionate, energetic spirit.  I love to play life like the game it is, and I am always following what lights me up in this world.  I’m a devoted student of life and you can find me constantly reading 5 different books - all at the same time - deepening my knowledge of the inner workings of the universe and different spiritual practices.  I am a mindset and manifestation coach and I find so much joy in helping others see past their limiting beliefs so they can create a life they love waking up to & in turn we can raise the collective conscience.  As I said before I am a multi-passionate being and love to cook, sew, create, dance & I also dabble in some photography.  My spiritual journey has been a beautiful, ever-evolving road and I feel grateful everyday to have awakened to this path.




Brianna Waters



Brianna Joy is an intuitive yoga guide, Wellness coach, and Healer living in the Philadelphia area. Brianna is the founder of EMPWR WELLNESS, a community dedicated to our exploration of healing through yoga, mediation, and connection. Brianna is a mum, wife, and visionary here to bring love and light on her journey! 




Johrdan Myrick




Hello, my name is Johrdan. I’m a believer in the most high and highly spiritual. I am a mompreneur and founder of Phytogenous- an all natural healing journey with a purpose too heal with a holistic approach rather than OTC meds. The mother of one babygirl and one baby boy on the way welcoming in with my partner/husband. Conscious parenting is also something that had helped me grow more in my spiritual journey. My goal is to prepare more of our communities to understand, relearn, and reteach in order to break generational curses that we are shackled by today. Grounding is one of my main self care practices that allows me to always keep the positives in and quickly shun the negatives away.