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Q: What materials do you use for your waist beads?

A: My waist beads and other accessories are made with high quality beads like Chinese glass beads, Czech glass seed beads and various others. They are made with genuine precious and semi precious crystals and gemstones and high quality elastic cord for comfortable and lasting adornments. Using silver plated lobster clasps to close silver-toned sets. Gold collection coming very soon! I’m improving my craft daily by learning new techniques and incorporating new styles and materials.


Q: Are your waist beads permanent or removable?

A: Removable. While they are comfortable enough to be slept in, I like being able to switch my waist beads like I do outfits. Some days you might be drawn to a different healing property. 


Q: How do I measure myself for waist beads? 

A: Depending on where you want your beads to fall, you can measure yourself above your navel, just at your navel, or right above your hips. Use a flexible measuring tape and measure against your bare skin. Stand straight up and DO NOT SUCK IN YOUR STOMACH. If you do not have a tape measure you can use a string and a ruler. Wrap the string around your waist, cut where it meets. Lay the string flat and measure it against a ruler.


Q: What are waist beads?

A: Waistbeads are an ancient traditional body jewelry and a practice of adornment. They are worn for many reasons. Waist beads were made to be worn on the waist as a symbol of femininity and sensuality. Fertility, healing and weight loss etc. Each bead color and crystal has a special meaning and healing power to help create a more holistic way to balance out your energy. Worn regularly they become an extension of Self and are a symbol of a woman’s confidence in her body and her sexuality.


Q: What’s so special about your waist beads?

A: No two are made exactly alike just similar in style. My waist beads are handmade and customized using healing gemstones and crystals that resonate with the wearer. Yes, your waist bead is curated custom to you, I tap into spiritual realm to read your energy. Highly intentional healing and high vibrational qualities. My waistbeads are the perfect accessory towards purposeful spiritual growth while feeling confident and more powerful in your body.