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What Has She Been Up To?

What Has She Been Up To?

December 11, 2020 2 Comments

As we have approached the final month of the year, I have found myself with many valuable gems to reflect on. A majority of people said 2020 would stand for "clear vision" and my, I couldn't have been more clear this year in my life over any other I've experienced thus far! This hasn't been an easy year for any of us I would confidently assume, as life as we have previously known seems to be a thing of the past. We are being forced to let go. Letting go and release looks like many different things for many different people. I personally feel I was stripped bare in order to emerge new, for the energies 2021 is bringing to us all. 

As many know, I am a mother to my son Ezra, who has been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. He's 6 years old now and doing amazing! We ran a GoFundMe campaign two years ago to support Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy and speech and Ezra has been kicking ass. He has gone from barely communicating two to three word sentences to being able to have a conversation now. Ezra is currently into coding (shoutout to ScratchJr), teaching himself Spanish and Numberblocks (apparently its a really popular cartoon in the UK, ah-which would explain his British accent he pulls out from time to time). I am pleased with Ezra and I am so aware that I was chosen to be his mother. I am honored. But to be honest, I do struggle with this hat more than the others I wear. I'll keep it very real, mental health has been a real area of focus for me. I've gotten frustrated some mornings having to sit with Ezra while he does school, when the previous night I struggled with insomnia and anxiety. Online learning for a student with special needs is much different than one without. The parents are required to be actively involved for the students success. I am however, just one parent pulling the weight of two. I do not think a lot of people know I do raise my son on my own, with a completely absent parent. It has not been easy raising a little person, while still trying to raise myself. But, still I rise! Ezra is my gift. 🧿

Fun fact, I was proposed to twice this year. Sounds crazy but it's true. My life could have taken two separate pivotal directions completely opposite of where I am now, and that blows my mind.  That's an interesting thing to consider about life, every decision you make in it writes an outcome. People were removed from my life that I thought would be here for the long run. Releasing my control over the outcomes and situations happening in my life seemed to be like pulling teeth, but when I finally made up my mind to follow my intuition, honor my feelings and ask for help from my Spirit team, the release was and has been much easier. My heart was broken in more ways than one but its been said that's how you get it to open up (go figure lol). People have gone from friend to foe, from enemy to acquaintance and lover to stranger - all for me to realize that everyone is a mirror. As you ascend, (or descend) you energetically just do not align with certain people and things anymore. It's impossible. I was too comfortable with people who weren't in alignment with my Divine purpose anymore even though at one time the exchange was exactly what was needed.

Release and start again. I've done quite a bit of that this year, running my first official small business. This was the last cycle of that for 2020. It's been a successful 10 months of operation, in the midst of a pandemic might I add. I am grateful for everything. I am starting again with new clarity, new wisdom, new life, and new intention.

I have ultimately learned to take my lessons standing up. Through loss, I am now building. I am learning to build a community of like minded individuals that know exactly what the self-discovery journey is about and those that are being called to go Within. I am excited to announce the Goddess Ambassador program is officially running. Moon Water + Honey is not just a brand, I do not just sell a product, I am a multifaceted woman with a vision, a big heart and thirst for spiritual enlightenment. I want to be more transparent with you all moving forward, so I can really CONNECT with you. Humanity is depending on us to come together in more ways than one, so this is just me doing my part.


As We End The Year

Let's Consider
  • Don't get so angry that you actually forget the outcome that you really wanted out of the conflict
  • Healing is nothing more than a shift in perspective
  • Apologize when you're wrong, never let your pride be bigger than your relationships.
  • Honesty doesn't have to be a weapon.
  • You do not owe anyone time in exchange for the decline of your mental and emotional health
  • Not everyone is supposed to see what you see, which is why each individual is so unique.
  • I am grateful for pain, because of it I have found my strength


xo Kara


2 Responses


January 01, 2021

I love your transparency and I am inspired by your growth and strength. Thank you for sharing your heart with us and thank you for welcoming me in to your community. I love you and I know that 2021 will be your year! And Go Ezra!!!


December 13, 2020

I love this!! Im in tune with these words and the heart behind them. This year has been THEE year for many of us on the journey of ascension and the rising will not stop even when we try to tie ourselves down to earth. I am convicted too because the judgment I place on others for not seeing is soooo there. I feel it. This last leg of the year has been about DETACHING in a healthy way and not being attached to the people and places I love or give my energy to. I am meant to observe for the sake of learning myself and this world in order to help others find balance by being their truest self. So so convicted reading not everyone is supposed to see what I see. I find myself wanting them to so bad cuz otherwise their worth will be less in my eyes. Didnt make that full connection till now writing this. Okay, im done. Thankful for you and your business. Blessings girl

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