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Rainy Day Cleaning Ritual

Rainy Day Cleaning Ritual

March 14, 2020

This is best performed on a rainy day, but as always spells and rituals are completely adaptable. if you don’t have something, find a substitute; if you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. Simple! I hope this ritual helps you get back to your centered self.

the physical space ritual

  1. clean your space. yes, i mean physically. having a clean, comfortable space to relax in is essential for your mental health. it’s also a great way to get any negative energy out of your body. pour all that emotion into your cleaning, and create a super-awesome space that makes you feel all warm and happy inside. 

  2. add something new. whether this is a storebought decoration you’ve been waiting to put up, or an idea for a switch around of furniture, change something up in your space. there’s nothing like the refreshing feeling of your space looking brand new, and you’ll have something to be proud of as well!

  3. cleanse your tools, your bed, your walls... do your usual space-cleansing ritual (sage smudging, Palo Santo, Florida water, etc) that involves deep cleansing of everything you use on a day-to-day basis. getting rid of any built up energy will make the space you spend your time in feel so much fresher, i promise you.
  4. find a comfy space, light your favorite cleansing incense (mine is rose) sit back and relax, and move on to the self-cleansing ritual!  

the self cleansing ritual


  1. in a calm, comfy space where you can relax, and start to clear your mind. if you have a favourite go to method for meditation, use that. if not, i like to imagine my mind  literally clearing, physically pushing all thoughts out of it.
  2.  concentrate on the sound of the rain. let the noise overtake your thoughts, and visualise the rain physically washing away any negative energy that’s built up over time.

  3. get cathartic. cleansing can be as gentle or as brutal as you want. got any pent up emotions? let them out now, if you’re comfortable with it. just feel whatever you need to feel, and let it go. imagine the negativity just falling away from you with the rain.

  4. as negative energy is leaving your body, visualise your personal energy drawing positivity from the earth beneath you. feel that strength wash over your body, and envisage your whole body being filled with happiness and gentle joy.

  5. once you’re done meditating and cleansing, take a moment to just sit and exist. take as much time as you need to chill out and wake up.

  6. anything after this should be done as self care, for you and you alone. 

so loves, that’s what i do when i need a serious cleanse and self-love session. i hope it helps you if you use it!

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